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FlamencAsian Live 

Amor Ratii


Finally, the highlight of evening is AMOR RATII – a love story across 2 cultures. 

Amor – is Love in Spanish, and Rati is the goddess of love in Indian Mythology.


Amor Ratii tells a story of love, separation, and reunion of 2 lovers played by Ponnamma Devaiah and Toshiaki Konno; supported by a band of Indian musicians (Nawaz Mirajkar on tabla, Raghavendran Rajasekaran on flute, Tanuja Amit Sane on vocals) and Flamenco musicians (Antonio Vargas on guitar, Carlos Sendros on guitar/vocals, Lalit Kumar on percussion), directed by Maestro Antonio Vargas. With the juxtaposition of technique and emotive expressions of the two styles, from the intricate kathak facial expressions with hand gestures, to the deep profound singing of Flamenco jondo, AMOR RATII is an amalgamation of the emotional aspects and rhythmic styles of both Flamenco and Kathak.


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