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We are a community of flamenco lovers who believe that dance is more than just an art form but a platform for individuals to express themselves freely and achieve artistic excellence. As a Singapore based non-profit organization, we are dedicated in bringing individuals from different nationalities together in our melting pot of dance, music and friendship.



From inspiring individuals through borderless artistic expression to appreciating the history behind Flamenco, we believe in (want to create) a Singapore that embraces Flamenco as a way of life.



By creating works that continuously challenge and inspire us as artistes, we hope to:


  • Push artistic borders 

By exploring new ways in showcasing Flamenco whilst retaining the soul of this art form.


  • Make bridges 

By bridging cultural gaps and creating a platform for collaboration between artistes based in Singapore and overseas.


  • Inspire a nation

Through our arts education programs for the youth and community outreach; and supporting other non-profit organizations in raising awareness of social causes that are relevant in Singapore.


We are not exclusive
We welcome anyone, any nationality, any age, any walk of life, to connect with us.

We are all different.
Although we are under one organization, none of us are the same. We embrace individuality and value freedom to express ourselves.

We are tenacious and brave.
We practice hard to achieve excellence in our work, surpassing our inhibitions and pushing our boundaries.
We are authentic and real.
We are not all from Spain, but we love flamenco and try our best to represent the soul of flamenco. We are true to ourselves and genuine in our actions.

We are simple
We love life

We celebrate small things in life and like to keep things uncomplicated

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