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FSF artistic director - antonio vargas

"Having a musical background from an early age, I found learning the rudiments of flamenco in order to master the complexities of timing within the dance structures an easier task to achieve.

My teachers recognised my potential and soon coached me to become efficient enough to be part of Spanish dance companies. The more I performed the more I realised that artistry, passion and inspiration were the main tools to achieve the standards of my peers, who are icons of flamenco even now.

The excitement I felt provoked in me an insatiable urge to discover the mysteries of flamenco and cross all the boundaries embodied by this rich culture. Fifty years later I still consider myself a student, due to the constantly changing art form and its evolution.

Antonio Vargas


Maestro Antonio Vargas moved to Singapore in 2008 after a twist of fate brought him to settle in Singapore.

Antonio continues to cross borders with Flamenco in his recent and upcoming projects. In 2010, he revived Misa Flamenco , renamed " Flamenco Cantata", collaborating with Dr Rober Casteels and Singapore Youth Ensemble with renowned Flamenco artistes from Spain and the Flamenco Sin Fronteras company. In 2011, he organised a week long Vivocity Flamenco Festival bringing Flamenco closer to the general public in Singapore. In 2013, directed and choreographed the Flamenco Sin Fronteras first full scale dance theatre production " The House" in March 2013 to critical acclaim.


Upcoming projects include a movie productions in Hollywood, a seductive new play

" A Flamenco Life " in collaboration Checkpoint Theatre, and future flamenco dance productions involving artistic exchanges with Indian and Chinese culture.

Besides Flamenco, Maestro Antonio Vargas is well versed in Classical Spanish Dance and Spanish Regional Folk Dances from his years of training in Pilar Lopez Company. Choreographic commissions here included the Jota de Aragon, Goyescas, and Farruca de Molinero for Rose Borreomeo Spanish Dance Company for their inaugural production, Romanza Española in 2005. A talented and multifaceted musician himself, Antonio plays the guitar, percussion, piano and cello and is well versed with all styles of music and dance. Thus, he is able to collaborate with other music genres such as jazz, Afro-cuban , Indian and Arabic and other dance styles such as contemporary , ballet and Classical Indian with Flamenco.

Antonio Vargas is currently on the dance faculty for Flamenco and Spanish Dance in the prestigous School of the Arts, Singapore.

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