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Artistic Director / Choreographer:

Antonio VARGAS


Company main dancers: 
Daphne Huang VARGAS 
Tilly WONG 
Toshiaki KONNO 
Yuriko KUROSE 
Mamiko NAKANE 
Nobuyoshi NAKANE 


Company dancers and members:

Hsiao Min CHANG 
Hui Hui GAN 
Kaori Manali SAITO


Cheryl NG

Kunyi CHEN  

Ananda WU
Lim Na

Desmond CHEN
Sarah CHAN 

Christina HIP


Guest Musicians:

Flamenco guitarlist:

Jorge Padilla (Spain)
Sergio Muñoz (Spain)
Ivan Yu (Taiwan)
José Ismael Sierra (Spain)


Flamenco singers:

Antonio Fernandez (Spain)
Antonio Soria (Spain/Australia)
Clarisa Di Salvo (Spain) 
Zhen Zhao (China)
Lu Lee (Taiwan)

Po Yin (Taiwan)

Musical Collaborators:
Yong Kai Lin (Violinist / Composer) (Singapore)
Dr Robert Casteels (Conductor / Composer) (Singapore) 


Guest Choreographers: 
Manuel Liñan (Spain)
Angela Españadero (Spain)
Clarisa Di Salvo (Spain)




Daphne Huang Vargas or La Ninã de Fuego, has loved dance all her life, and has studied jazz, modern, ballroom and was part of the NUS Dance Ensemble in her younger days. Nine years ago, she discovered Flamenco and has not looked back since. Over the last eight years, she has been studying extensively under Maestro Antonio Vargas, who has been her main teacher. She also studies under renowned Flamenco artistes such as Maria Pagés, José Galvan, Aida Gomez, Carmen Talegona, Manuel Betanzos, Inmaculada Ortega, etc. Within a short space of time, she started performing locally as well as overseas, stunning audiences with her moving and unusual interpretation of Flamenco dances. On stage, she is exudes passion, grace and fire, leading to her stage name given by her mentor, “The daughter of fire’’.

Daphne is director and senior dancer of non-profit Flamenco dance company: FLAMENCO SIN FRONTERAS. She has performed as a main dancer and soloist in most of Flamenco Sin Fronteras performances, NAC AEP programs and community outreach projects. She also teaches flamenco classes for Flamenco Sin Fronteras and has given workshops has part of Esplanade Dans Festival. 
In September 2012, she was selected to be one of the ambassadors of Anlene Singapore “ Stay Strong” campaign.

In August 2012, also performed alongside established Flamenco artistes in Manila ta Filfest Foundation with notable reviews:
“Daphne Vargas, ...manipulated her white, wide manton (shawl) deftly and cleverly — twirling it around her arms and shoulders, holding it aloft and waving it, often calling to mind a bullfighter teasing and enticing a bull with his cape.”
Philstar, Manila, August 2012

In March 2013, she played the role of Martha in the first production of THE HOUSE with notable reviews “Martha's jealousy and hatred of Adela came through in thunderous foot stomping solos and an erotic, contemporary dance” ST Life Review, 25 March 2013 By Stephanie Burridge

In September 2013 she played the role of Mother Bull in “ THE CRUEL GARDENS “ and was a finalist in SPROUTS 2013 organised by NAC.


Tilly WONG

Starting with Ballet at age 5, Tilly expanded her dance repertoire to include Modern Ballet, Tap, and Jazz when she studied under the Federal Academy Ballet (FAB) during her formative years in Malaysia. The highlight of her teenage years was representing Malaysia, as part of a national team, in an international dance presentation in Korea.

Tilly returned to the world of Dance many years later, rediscovering its joy and beauty. Today, she focuses on Flamenco and Ballroom.

Tilly started zapateado-ing on the passionate Flamenco road more than 10 years ago, with classes, then workshops by acclaimed Flamenco professionals including Jose Galvan, Maria Pages, Carmen Talegona and Manuel Betanzos. She now devotes some time annually to a Flamenco-intensive pilgrimage to Seville, studying under acclaimed Flamenco professionals including Yolanda Heredia & Alicia Marquez. In Singapore, Tilly studies under her Maestro, Antonio Vargas, who has named Tilly his “La Perla Negra” (“the graceful and beautiful pearl”). An apt description that is evident in Tilly’s multi-layered Flamenco performances.

Tilly is a senior member of the Flamenco Sin Fronteras Company (“the Company”), helmed by artistic director, Maestro Antonio Vargas. Under the auspices of the Company, she performs extensively in commercial, educational and charitable events, as well as Company events.

Tilly played the part of “Adela Neo” in the Company’s most recent production, The House, which was staged in March 2013. She received glowing reviews for her performances:

“Tilly Wong was superb as the free-spirited Adela - rebellious and unafraid, …ST Life Review, 25 March 2013 By Stephanie Burridge

“Meanwhile, Tilly Wong plays a striking Adela…She exhibits a beautiful, contrapuntal use of her upper and lower body, her delicate arms belying the ferocious footwork beneath her flamenco skirt.” Flying Ink Pot Review, 24 March 2013.
In September 2013 she also played Spirit of Fear in THE CRUEL GARDENS,
Tilly is also an avid ballroom dancer, winning the Pro-Am championships in Crown Championships in Melbourne Australia in 2012, 2013.


Toshiaki KONNO

TOSHI encountered Flamenco at university in 2000 and fell under its spell right away. He found mentors in Leo Morina, Akemi Sugimoto. In 2007 he moved to Singapore and joined Singapore Flamenco Circle, participated in workshops and master classes by well- known artiste such as Antonio Vargas, José Galvan and Manuel Betanzos, Rafael Campallo, Andrés Peña. To enhance a spirit of Flamenco, he’s trying to go to Seville, Spain every year.
Major productions are:
- THE HOUSE, SOTA Drama Theatre, 2013
- Singapore Flamenco Festival Chjimes, 2013
- Soul of Spain, Exonmobil Concerts, UCC theatre
- Gala Dinner Gala Dinner: "Colors of Hope" GOH: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, 2011
- Vivocity Flamenco Festival" Flamenco Under The Stars", 2011
- Laberinto Flamenco Festival " Flamenco Cantata", Chijmes Hall, 2010
- Encore Festival Press Conference, Fullerton Post Bar, 2010



Yuriko has performed in various production stage and tablao shows as group and solo flamenco dancer. One of the major productions in Singapore is “The House”, performed at SOTA drama theatre.
Yuriko started flamenco after returning to Japan from Guatemala in late 1990’s and continued classes in Paraguay. She moved to Singapore ten years ago, and since then she has been learning under Antonio Vargas.
Yuriko continues deepening her flamenco, taking classes at the renowned flamenco academy Amor de Dios in Madrid and receives training by various distinguished artists in Seville (Spain) every year.



Mamiko started her flamenco journey at 1995. In 1999, she started teaching flamenco in the Dance flamenco dancing company, Arte y Solera LTD., in Japan.
In 2001, she won the prize of flamenco competition in Japan (winner5 / entry 100), and following year 2002, she won the prize of Spanish dance competition in Japan, organized by Japan Modern Dance Association. 
Since 2001, she’s a taking a part of the Japanese flamenco theatre work “FLAMENCO SONEZAKI”, (Second prize of Art festival in Japan), and then she joined various tours whole over the Japan.
In 2005, she took a part of another spectacular work ”Kanki” (First Prize of Art festival in Japan) performing together with the various gypsy artists came from Andalucía, Spain.
In 2009, she performed in the flamenco - traditional Japanese sounds collaboration work “Kodo” in Sado island, Japan. In March 2013, she was invited to Festival de Jerez, the most important flamenco festival in Spain. Her performance was praised by various media.


Nobuyoshi NAKANE

Nobuyoshi started dancing flamenco in 2001, and in 2005 started to perform as a professional dancer in the company Arte y Solera LTD. The performed flamenco theatre projects are “Amor Amor Amor”, “FLAMENCO SONEZAKI” (Second prize of Art festival in Japan), etc., and then he joined various tours whole over the Japan.
In the same year, he started to take part in another production “Kanki” (First prize of Art festival in Japan) performing together with the various gypsy artists came from Andalucía, Spain.
Following year 2006, he performed in renowned artist Maria Peges’ production “Sevilla” in tours Tokyo and Osaka.

Hsiao Min CHANG

Originally from Taiwan, Hsiao-Min is a much sought after choreographer and dance artiste. Professionally trained in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Chinese Dance, Dance Education, Choreography and Performing at the National Taiwan University of Arts , she is known for incorporating versatility and creativity in her work. Her work has been showcased at the Singapore Youth Festival the National Day parade, Chingay Parades, Singapore Arts Festival.Chinese Cultural Festival and Singapore Youth Olympic Games. She is currently associate choreographer with People’s Association.

Since 2002, she has expanded her dance repertoire to include Flamenco (studying with well-known teachers including Angel Gomez, Antonio Vargas, Clara Ramona, Jose Galvan and Rose Borromeo) and Bellydance with eminent Oriental Dance Masters Teachers (e.g. Mahmoud Reda, Yousry Sharif, Raqia Hassan, Dr. Mo Geddawi & Magdi El Leissy) have unanimously complimented her ability to execute Middle Eastern Dances with flair, authenticity and aestheticism. She has performed with Flamenco Sin Fronteras in productions such as Camino Flamenco, Cinco Suenos, Vivocity Flamenco Festival, AEP Programs and many others. 

Hui Hui GAN

Huihui has been dancing since she put on her first pair of ballet shoes when she was 5. She began her dance training in Ballet. She then moved on to learn Chinese dance and Contemporary dance in her secondary school days. She continued her dance journey, when she was in her tertiary studies, with Lindy Hop. While performing Lindy Hop both in school and with the Lindy Hop Ensemble, she fell in love with Flamenco and has not looked back since. She has been dancing Flamenco for more than 10 years and studied most extensively with Maestro Antonio Vargas. She has also studied under Maria Pages, Manuel Betanzos and Jose Galvan. Huihui has performed both as a soloist and in company pieces for flamenco tablaos and joined in stage productions, Espiritu Flamenco, Cinco Suenos, Vivocity Flamenco Festival and in SPROUTS 2013.



Chen Kunyi is a visual artiste and started Flamenco in London 12 years ago, Since returning to Singapore she has trained extensively under Maestro Antonio Vargas and performed with Flamenco Sin Fronteras in many performances such as AEP programs, Cinco Suenos, and traditional tablaos. In Cinco Suenos she collaborated with use of visual art with dance in her own piece and that of several others.



Saori has 10 years’ experience in flamenco dancing, and performed several tablao shows in Singapore. She has been studying under Antonio Vargas, and at the same time taking classes by Alicia Marquez, Pilar Ogalla, Andres Peña, etc. in Seville, Spain.

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