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Artistic director/Choreographer

Antonio Vargas


Antonio Vargas is one of the world’s leading Flamenco dancers and choreographers. The Maestro, upon whom Flamenco Sin Fronteras is built, has always believed that Flamenco could lend itself to interpret great novelists and poets and that it could be put on stage side by side with the most established, mainstream art-forms, such as opera and choral works, without jeopardizing its authenticity.

He has collaborated with orchestras and opera productions, such as Harvey Goldsmith’s Carmen (Sydney, Melbourne, Zurich and Munch), Bolero, Zapateado and Three Spanish Dances with the Munich Philharmoniker, Blood Wedding for the London Operatic Society and La Vida Breve, a Basil Lochart production for the BBC, and recently produced for the Sydney Festival. 

Antonio Vargas won accolades for his performance as the gypsy father, Rico in the Australian box-office hit movie Strictly Ballroom, directed by Baz Luhrmann. He choreographed and staged a Flamenco segment for Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible II. 

Antonio is actively involved in introducing and developing the art of Flamenco in Southeast Asia and around the world. 


Daphne Huang Vargas

La Ninã de Fuego discovered Flamenco 14 years ago. She has been mainly studying under Maestro Antonio Vargas and also studies under renowned flamenco artistes. On stage, she is exudes passion, grace and fire, leading to her stage name given by her mentor, “The Daughter of Fire”.

Daphne was an ambassador for Anlene “Stay Strong” Campaign 2012 and finalist in Sprouts 2013 organised by NAC.


Mamiko Nakane

She is a winner of an important flamenco competition in Japan in both 2001 and 2002. She has been performing as one of the principal dancers in theatre and dance works in renowned flamenco theatre company; Arte y Solera. Her performance has always been praised by the audience, as she has the unique ability to reach and move the audience with her interpretations and performances. 


Yuriko Kurose (Yuri)

She started flamenco after returning to Japan from Guatemala in late 1990’s and continued in Paraguay where she developed her base of this art. She has been learning under Antonio Vargas since she moved to Singapore. She has performed in various stage productions and tablaos with the Company and as a soloist dancer. Yuriko continues deepening her love for flamenco, by taking classes in Madrid as well as Seville and Jerez, Spain. 


Tilly Wong

She has been a lifelong dance enthusiast, beginning with ballet at the age of 5. Her thirst for dance led her to also learn Jazz, Tap, and Ballroom. She discovered Flamenco more than 10 years ago.  She has studied extensively under Maestro Antonio Vargas as well as other international Spanish artistes.  Maestro Vargas has given Tilly the stage name La Perla Negra because she has the grace and beauty of a truly rare gem in her Flamenco interpretations.


Toshiaki Konno (Toshi)

He encountered Flamenco at University and fell under its spell right away. In 2007 he moved to Singapore and has participated in workshops and master classes by well- known artistes such as Antonio Vargas, José Galvan, Manuel Betanzos, Rafael Campallo, and Andrés Peña. To enhance a spirit of Flamenco, he attempts annual trips to Seville, Spain. Toshi enriches the Company with his dance, and singing talents.

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