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FSF CLASSES for 2024

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Information About Classes 

Payment is to be made directly to the teacher of the class

For enquiries about class fees, please contact the teacher of the class

Payment is at beginning of each month and can be pro-rated for planned absences

There are no refunds for class fees paid and payment for each term cannot be carried forward to the next term

In case of unplanned absences, students can it make up with another class during that month 

In case of cancellation of classes, the class fee of the cancelled class will either be refunded or credited to the next term

New classes require a minimum number of enrolments to commence

Registration & Enquiries

Please contact teachers directly for enquiries and enrolment:

Daphne 65-97420637 

Tilly +65-88768690

Nobu +65-92383262

Toshi +65-81383624

Lalit and Ponnama +65-97420637

Location of Classes

Classes are conducted at:  

FSF Studio: No 1 Lorong 24A Geylang Singapore 398525

Dance on Us: 8 Claymore Hill, #01-03/04/06, Singapore 229572

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